Learning to Ride a Bike: For Adults Only!

Like Riding a Bike: On Learning as an Adult

You’re legally allowed to vote, you can order a drink at any bar in the United States, you may even have a gray hair or two.

And yet, there’s one thing that you still don’t know how to do, and it’s something that it seems every eight year-old around you has mastered: you don’t know how to ride a bike.

You’re not alone! In Like Riding a Bike:

  • Follow along as a not-exactly-coordinated 34 year-old woman decided, one and for all, to transform that two-wheeled mystery machine into a viable mode of transportation.
  • Explore the psychology and physiology of learning a new physical skill as an adult.
  • Start your own bicycling journey with a collection of resources specifically tailored to the adult learner.

The author is Alison Stein Wellner, an award-wining writer and essayist. She’s the culinary travel guide for About.com, and writes for Perceptive Travel. She’s contributed to Business Week, Glamour, Men’s Journal, New York Magazine, The Travel Channel’s World Hum, Yankee and Yoga Journal among other publications

Like Riding a Bike will be available wherever electronic books are sold in Spring 2011.  It’s available now on Amazon.com

Check back here for release details or email bike at curiousworldbooks.com to sign up for a one-time publication alert.


2 Responses to “Learning to Ride a Bike: For Adults Only!”

  1. wayne a. gilbert April 25, 2012 at 7:21 pm #

    I teach a graduate course in adult learning and development. I want to consider this book ((Like) Riding a Bike as a supplemental text. Unfortunately, not all my students will have a Kindle. Is the book available in another format?

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