Welcome! Curious World Books is the indie publishing operation run by writer Alison Stein Wellner. She is now writing about herself in the third person, and will stop now.

You can see my full bio here, but in sum, I’ve spent my professional career writing for magazines, newspapers, websites and blogs. Along the way, I’ve written a few books and even a greeting card. I’d been keeping my eye on the evolution of indie publishing, and it was just getting more and more exciting—I had to jump in. I think this is a great time to be a reader and a writer.

Curious World Books shares fascinating true stories from around the world, along with practical information you can use. Traditionally, good narrative nonfiction has been cordoned off from helpful how-to service info, as if one somehow taints the other. So you either get a good story, or you get practical info, it’s hard to find both in one package.

I find this frustrating.  When I read a fascinating story about a place or an experience, I want to know how I can replicate it. And  since I’ve written these sorts of stories myself, I know very well that the writer knows all sorts of useful things that could help me to have the same experience —there’s just no way not to learn a lot when you’re writing a true story. It’s just the convention of nonfiction that gets in the way.

So at Curious World Books, I’m changing the convention. Readers get a story + service. It’s an experiment, so we’ll see how it goes.  I hope you’ll tell me what you think, either via comments, or, if you’d prefer, via email: info (at) curiousworldbooks.com Happy reading and happy adventures to you!






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